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Fixed Return Investmens

Eight years investment plan has a 23% annual interest rate. Single payment is made upfront. Cumulative return is paid at the end of the period. Returns are reinvested annually.

Fixed Annuities Investments

Thirteen years investment plan has a 23% annual interest rate. Series of payments are made, equally distributed in time (usually on a quarterly basis).Interest rate of 23% applies to annually invested amount.

Investment portfolio

To date, Caspian Investments has successfully accomplished seventeen investment projects in Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan and established good relationships with the local authorities.

Why invest with us

Our company offers both long and short term investment solutions that can give a quick or scheduled rate of return. The different investment vehicles were put together by our team of professional analysts and investment managers and provide some of the top R.O.I. We’ve laid the foundation of our company on diversified ground, and continue this approach with each client to give them a stable investment return.

20 years of experience in investments business

Our 20 years long experience helps us to provide best quality and timely services to our customers. Our Investment Fund always acts in accordance with the best managing practices to secure high yields. Our trust funds also provide annual grants and endowments to outstanding individuals as well as educational and health care organizations.

Invest Fund Managers Commentary

Invest Fund Managers Commentary

Invest wisely to maximize your retirement fund


While you’ll make investment, you must make sure that you take your steps properly so as to make a profitable investment. At your young age you must think about the time you’ll retire. In order to make it rewarding, you must plan for retirement fund from now onwards. Otherwise, at the time of your retirement if you’re still left to make payments on your loans, you’ll be unable to manage such expenses. You may fall into debts and have to look for a debt consolidation program to repay it. Thus, try to follow certain tips that can help you save a good amount for your retirement period.


3 Tips to save the most out of your investment


Read on to know how you’ll be able to drag the most out of your investment for your retirement period.


  1. Spend less when the yield has reduced:

When you’ll make certain investment, you may find that your profit is fluctuating every year depending on the market or the productivity. Some years you may find that you have incurred huge gains. But there will be some times when you have to face huge losses. In that specific year your profit margin will be reduced. But you can still manage such situations, if you’re ready to make some sacrifices so as to let your investments recover.


  1. Take out the profit from the best performing assets:

While you’ll be in the process of investment, you must be diversifying your portfolio. If you keep on holding the stocks till the time you’ll retire, then you may not be able to secure the most out of your investment. It’s because, different stocks of your portfolio has performed well at different phases. If you’re not able to draw your profits at that point of time, then you cannot earn the most out of your stocks. Thus, one way to boost your retirement assets is to withdraw the profit immediately from the assets that are performing well. This way you’ll be able to sell your assets at a high price.


  1. Have a proper plan:

At your tender age you must draw out a proper plan that will help smoothen your way towards progress. Take the guidance of the seniors and learn the tips that will help you make investment in the perfect time. You must be disciplined as well as work hard so as to advance your career. After the market closes, you must be having enough of leisure time to work online and increase the flow of cash. Make use of your hobby to earn money in your leisure hours. Make sure that you set aside the extra amount for your retirement period.


Lastly, try to purchase annuity that will help you at the time when your pay stubs will stop coming. Purchasing an annuity will help you cover certain part of your monthly expenses. It can be a sigh of relief for you when the market will be volatile during your retirement.



Invest with no risk

Invest with no riskDifferent investment companies specialize in different types of capital investments. Some of them prefer to participate indirectly in capital investment bearing low risks, while others stick to direct capital investments, which certainly presupposes higher risk levels and higher profits – and that has always been the main interest for all types of investors that dealing with big capital investments.
We guarantee insured income even in harsh crisis times. How do we do this? Caspian Investments deals with alternative investments. We do not fund doubtful and high-risk financial operations. We only engage ourselves in profitable and useful business projects which we sponsor for them to bring us guaranteed return in nearest future.
We consider alternative investments, which means direct investments into prospective businesses, an honest, profitable and socially approved way of earning money; and it is also very stable. Today it’s almost impossible to promote your business without making any investments. It’s not a serious problem, if you have enough funds, but it can lead your company to serious damages and significant losses and, which is more, even to insolvency and bankruptcy, if you don’t.
Even large-scale multinational corporations and big international financial institutions, which gain solid profits, face the problem of lack of available monetary funds. In this case the only reasonable solution is to seek for investors and, thus, to attract invest funds, which means you have to consider the opportunity of obtaining capital investments.

Want to know more?

Private investmentPrivate investment includes all investments made by persons, apart from investments made by companies or government. It is a rather new investment form called private investments, which received popularity only by the end of 20th century. While earlier it was only typical for big companies to earn additional income with the help of investments, today smaller enterprises, and even people on personal also invest a lot and gain much from this.
The main aim of individual investors usually is to neutralize inflation, although there are people who make their living with the help of capital investments. Private investments may exist in two forms: direct and portfolio. Portfolio investments mean buying stock of an enterprise, while direct investments mean direct lending money to a business. Private investments are an important part of global economy.
There even exist foreign private investments, which are risky, yet rather popular. For private investment, it is most important to choose reliable and profitable projects and evaluate investments correctly. We do this job for you as we have expertise and can check every investment with our stuff - and this is the core condition of our success. If you feel uncertain about your market knowledge, you’d better trust your investments to professionals. If you are a complete novice in capital investments, Caspian Investments experts will help you choose investments options and create your personal investments plan.
If you're a more experienced investor, we will try to stick to your preferred investment strategies. We will also help you to review your financial investments options and help you stay on the path to your goals. Our high-class specialists will help you make informed decisions about fixed investments, annuities, plans and options, and whatever. We wish you a happy financial year 2011 and assure you that Caspian Investments will always be glad to serve you! Please be sure to visit our site and monitor our news. We constantly work on improvements in our policies and services. Join us for a bright and secure financial future!



Investment News

Our investment fund has started negotiations on development of several construction projects in Afghanistan. Today country is at the early stage of industrial development and there are lots of facilities buildings are to be constructed within three years. Mostly development will take place in the spheres of new living building construction. Establishing a Gas Pipeline throughout the country, waste disposal plant and setting up several hydro power stations. Read more...

In an effort to give our clients the very best investment opportunities, after proper due diligence we are proud to announce the opening of our office in Urumchi, China. China is quickly becoming a super power on the world front thanks to the cheap labor, and the capitalist approach by its communist leaders. Read more...

Nowadays Russia makes all efforts to develop production and economy of the country in order to overcome crisis and during last time these trying are successful. A private Swedish investment fund decided to invest in meat-processing business in Russia. Read more...

Caspian trading Inc. is looking for the investors for the project of Moscow river landing-stages construction. At the present time it was begun three building items. The project promises to be profitable with the investments of thirty millions of dollars. Read more...

The Swedish invest fund started its investment project on developing a land plot in one of Moscow regions, Chekhov town. It is planned that the project will be realized in 15 years. At the present time our experts consider this project to be even more profitable than it was expected Read more...

We have entered an open pit in Kazakhstan (Aktobe) that provides major Kazakh building companies with drafted and untooled stones, gravel, and crunched stone. As we consider this business big and promising we have invested a part of our funds in its reconstruction. Read more...

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